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Weight Management

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Weight Loss Essentials

Are you considering to lose weight?

Want to change your eating habits and improve your health?

Have you been on a weight loss diet and never really stuck to it?

Have you lost weight but unfortunately gained it back again?

If this is you then read on..

My Approach

Empowering you to lose unhealthy weight and keep it off!

Reconnecting your intuitive eating signals and rebuilding trust within

 yourself to make choices about what, when and how much to eat.

Making you understand why you failed at previous attempts of losing weight,

 if you’ve been there before.

*My approach DOES NOT entail CELEBRITY/FAD diets. Want to know why?  

See my blog for more information. So throw away those celebrity magazines and

trust a Dietitian, trust me!

I use mindset techniques to help you make sustainable changes, changes

 that will only improve your health and wellbeing.

*Assist you to incorporate more foods into your diet (*yes more foods!) and

 skillfully manipulate your oral intake of foods to keep your appetite satisfied

 throughout your weight loss journey.

*There will be no wrong foods, so that’s interesting right? I will explain all about

 this to you. You will have freedom of foods to enjoy and at the same time lose weight!

Together we will mark the start of your weight loss journey. I will be making

 various assessments, advising you based on your assessment outcomes, monitoring

 and making changes when needed to ensure your weight loss journey is a success.

Remember, there is no miracle way to lose weight quickly. Don’t we wish there was? It takes determination and patience to reach your goals but at least you will have me to guide you through the process.

There’s no better time to start your weight loss journey than now!

What Are Your options?

I am always looking for a deal, so I would like to offer you some too.


See my discounted packages below:

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