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Struggling with unexplained symptoms or you have a confirmed diagnosis of Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac Disease

I’m sure struggling with these symptoms has not made mealtimes exciting nor are you enjoying days out with family and friends. This may have left you cutting back on many foods necessarily or maybe unnecessarily!

I can help you:


♥ increase your knowledge of the condition
♥ find the right balance
♥ meet your nutrient requirements 
♥ start enjoying mealtimes again 


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Hospital Waiting Room

Malnutrition / Nutritional Support

This service is ideal for people who:

are underweight (BMI under 18.5) 
that have lost a lot of weight rapidly and unintentionally within 3-6 months,
has an illness, that is preventing them from meeting their nutritional requirements, 
that has recently had an operation and requires nutritional rehabilitation


How can I help:

I carry out appropriate nutritional assessments to understand what type of nutritional support will help the client,
Based on the assessment results, I will offer the appropriate nutritional support 
Eg: Food fortification, food modification, nutritional supplement recommendations  

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Raw Vegetables

Are you eating healthily?  

Do you have chronic illnesses in the family that makes you want to change your unhealthy dietary habits?

Are you following a vegan or vegetarian diet and worried that you may not be meeting your nutritional requirements?

Healthy Eating in adults, children and seniors


Aaah, healthy eating!    


Don’t we see and hear it everywhere these days but everyone’s conception of healthy eating can be very different, based on extracts from the media of course! Remember, information from the media are not regulated, so anything is allowed for financial gain. 

Healthy eating is about having a balance of different foods and nutrients in the diet for good health, wellbeing and prevention of future health issues.

Book a consultation with me to truly understand the concept of healthy eating and whether you are meeting your nutritional requirements. I will help you eliminate the myths and set you on a healthy eating plan that will provide all the key vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


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Healthy Eating
Heart Shape

 Heart Health  (Cardiovascular Health)

Healthy eating + healthy lifestyle = healthy heart 

A heart-healthy diet plus a healthy lifestyle helps prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease and protects your heart if you already have problems.

Following a healthy heart meal plan may help reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, improve heart function and reduce other risks like developing diabetes or gaining weight.  


I can help you:

♥ increase your knowledge of the condition
♥ find the right balance
♥ meet your nutrient requirements 


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Heart Health
Quality Time

Care Home Services

I have 10 years experience working in the NHS providing nutritional support to patients, including the elderly patient group living in their own homes or in care homes.

Following on from my keen interest in this area, I have continued to offer my services to care homes.   


How my expertise can help Care Homes:

conduct nutritional risk assessments for care home residents
provide nutritional support advice based on assessment outcomes
assess the provision of meals and snacks within the care home, ensuring it meets the
  residents nutritional requirements eg fortified diets, diabetic diets, modified texture 

  diets etc
assess the effectiveness and use of supplements

I also provide Staff Training to empower and educate care staff to:

accurately use the malnutrition risk screening tool with residents

create individualised nutritional care plans as per the malnutrition pathway (NICE

* understand the underlying reasons for the resident’s poor nutritional intake​

offer Food first choices vs supplements

understand common diets in care homes: High protein, High energy, Diabetic, Texture
modification, Gluten free, etc


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Care Home

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