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Diabetes Support

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There are a lot of myths about diabetes and food that you can and can’t eat.    

I offer specialist evidence-based dietary advice and support to clients with diabetes. My approach is holistic, considering various factors such as your health status, nutritional intake, medications and your lifestyle. I will discuss a variety of nutritional approaches to best help you manage diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is key to managing diabetes. Choosing nutritious foods and finding the right portions can help with better blood sugar control.  

Services include:
    ♥ Impaired Glucose Control
    ♥ Newly diagnosed or having ongoing problems with Type 2 Diabetes control
    ♥ Weight management with Diabetes
    ♥ Pre-conception and Gestational Diabetes 

On occasions and with the client’s permission, there may arise a need to speak with your diabetes nurse or doctor to improve the management of your blood sugars.  

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